Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Girls tech M-Bot reflection

Mbots are the coolest robots ever. Our team the Creative CoderZ won the search for the next tech girl superhero competition. Our prize was 500 dollars. We decided to spend our 500 dollars On these robots called M bots. M bots can move around and do a lot of different movements it can avoid obstacles and follow a black line etc. We got a pink mbot and a blue m bot. they are called Hero and Buddy.The blue one is called Buddy and the pink one is called Hero.

What would we do better next time?
Working together more, and understanding each other more deeply
Make sure that everyone gets a fair turn

What have we learned about the m bots?
We have learned how to code the robot
We have learned how to get the robot to sense a object if its in front of it
We have learned how put in wires together
Some of us learned how to screw screws in with a screwdriver
We have learned how to work together to code and make the robots

We have had a lot of up and downs but we have worked them out and the robots are amazing!!!!! I think we made a good and informed decision.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Girls tech prize

If you didn't know already my girl's tech team won the competition. We got delivered a prize pack with lots of different goodies inside a bag. In the prize pack, there were 10 pairs of earbuds, 5 superhero girls tech books, 5 pop sockets, Stickers and a TILE thing that can find your keys. (we got one of each thing but we got 2 pairs of earbuds each)

There is another competition coming up called the global one. Also, we won $500 to spend on something for the class. We started to research then robots came to our mind. We found robots called mbots. Mbots are robots that you can code to do different things.
Image result for mbots

We decided to order 2 Mbots and lots of add-ons which added up to around $550. Ella, sage,kiahn, Greer and I are very excited because the Mbots are arriving sometime this week.  

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

My WIT art piece

For our first wit in kahikatea, we had to make an art piece representing, kaitiakitanga witch means guardianship to our iwi,  (Iwi means your land).Conservation that means to protect the things around you so they will be here later on. 

My art was conservation protecting the world by recycling to make world still be around for a long time. Another thing kahikatea had to decide on was what art style they were gonna use. Pot art, Impressionism or Cubism. Or you can talk with a teacher and 

For my art, I chose pop art. Pop art is allowed words and has to have bright colours, takes up most the page, random objects, pops out, often only one image.

This is my pop art I came up with

Monday, 23 October 2017

Passion project

In Kahikatea we are doing something called Passion project. Passion project is when you pick something you’re passionate about and you then take that idea and put into a project. The project has to fit under 1 or more, of these categories. Enterprise, Globalization, Citizenship, and Sustainability. You had the choice to do it individually or to collaborate, I chose to collab with Violet.

Our Idea was to persuade the SPCA into letting us advertise the animals so the people in Taranaki can see how loving they actually by coming to the Opening day we were going to host. We had lots of trouble because When we asked North Taranaki SPCA if we could do this they said that they host an opening day every Year in  February.

We had to change our Idea and we didn’t know what to do so then Mrs. McA helped us change the idea into just advertising the Animals that have been at the SPCA for the longest.

Our sucsess was that all the Animals that we advertised got homes with lovely owners.Emily and I are very great full that blossom and coke got homes.

If we did this again we would get it over and done with faster

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Driveway adventure

It's flooding,   and my driveway is a SWIMMING POOL.
One morning My dad came RUSHING into my room, “come come come” he shouts in a dreadful voice like a parrot calling for food.
Huuuuh i say not wanting to get up and see what he's squawking at.
Finally  he pulled me out of bed and took me to our driveway.

It looked ridiculous. My sister and i went into the driveway for a swim.   It was dreadfully cold and looking back at that day i don't know how lizzie and i took it.  Lizzie and i had to be dragged inside by our dad cause we wanted to enjoy this moment.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My Graffiti Art

:What makes good graffiti art:
       Bold letters - Fat letters                      :Colours:
          3 D letters and shading                        Stands out
               Tilted letters                                      Bold
          Straight/sharp lines                             Contrast

:  practicing letters and numbers :